Vintage 925 Sterling Solje Wedding Crown Heart Brooch Pin~ Signed Finn Jensen Norway

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This is for the purchase of a single 1960's Finn Jensen Sterling Silver FiligreeWedding Crown Pin Brooch.  Item in photos is actual item being purchased.  Please look at photos closely as I have tried to verbally describe the item as accurately as possible and if you have any questions please message me.

> Made by famous Norwegian Silversmith Finn Jensen
> Style is the National style of Norway called Solje which displays an intricate filigree in sterling silver.  This brooch/pin is the "Wedding Crown" showing small moving hearts within the Central heart.
> Hallmarked with 925S and the Finn Jensen maker's mark is an upside-down triangle; The word "NORWAY" is in all capital letters.
> Pin is Sterling; Tiny tear drops (spoons) appear to be brass. Each spoon will capture any light allowing the brooch/pin to sparkle in the sun (reminds me of how a fishing lure works when similar spoons capture the sunlight attracting a fish to the lure);  Lore indicates the spoons would ward off illness and bad luck
> Size- A LITTLE LARGER THAN SOME OF THE OTHER PINS I'VE FOUND LISTED ONLINE- Approximately- 2 3/4" Long x 1 7/8" Wide x 1/2" Deep
> Unique Filigree styled C type clasp that is very tight
> Weight is approximately 11 grams
> I've read that polishing Solje sterling will ruin its value.  This is in really great condition, an extraordinary vintage brooch.  Perfect for someone looking for an elegant Victorian / Scandinavian style statement to wear for an evening out.  Simply Beautiful.
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